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Class Information

Classroom Expectations

Be Responsible:
  • Have your instrument ready to play every day
  • Have your music, pencil and folder every day
  • Leave your case and other materials in the appropriate area
Be Respectful
  • Sit quietly and wait for instruction during rehearsal
  • Treat school-owned equipment with respect
  • Be supportive of each other’s performance
Be Safe:
  • Handle and play only your instrument. Do not touch percussion equipment unless you are a percussionist.
  • Keep your instrument clean and in good working order

Weekly Lesson Guidelines
Each student is responsible for knowing when their lesson is for a given week. The weekly lesson schedule will be posted on the band room door each week. Most days the lesson schedule will be announced during morning announcements. Not hearing the announcements or the schedule not being read is not an excuse for missing a lesson.

How to get to your lesson:
1) Know when your lesson is!
2) Go to your normally scheduled class. Inform your teacher that you have a band lesson.
3) Inform your teacher of your band lesson. Turn in any homework due, write down assignments for the next day, and take any quiz or test scheduled for that day.
4) Ask politely to go to your band lesson.
5) Go to band room and check in with Mr. Hunter.
6) Begin warming up and work on your assignment as other members arrive.

Lessons are a required part of your band experience at Wauconda Middle School. It is very important to attend your lesson, just as it is very important that you make up any work missed while at your lesson!

See Forms and Docs for the complete WMS Band Information Packet