Beginning Band FAQ

District #118 Beginning Band Frequently Asked Questions

Mr. Hunter and Mr. Rychecky are very excited to have you as students next year should you decide to sign up for band! We understand that you probably have many questions before our Beginning Band Sign-Up Night on Tuesday, May 17th. This hand out will hopefully answer some of those questions!

When can I sign up for band?
YOU MUST ATTEND our Beginning Band Signup Night on April 22. Last names beginning with A-K can attend at 6PM, and L-Z at 7:30. If you cannot attend your session, feel free to attend the other. If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT ATTEND, please contact Mr. Hunter at or Mr. Rychecky at as soon as possible.

Can I participate in sports and clubs if I am in band?
ABSOLUTELY! In fact, most of the students in band at WMS and MMS participate in some form of after-school activity. Band occurs entirely during the school day, with the exception of the four concerts we give in the evening throughout the school year.

Will I still have a study hall if I am in band?
YES! In the 2015-2016 school year, 6th Grade Band members will have a study hall. Band will be scheduled as the exploratory class for the year. Students wishing to participate in Art or Drama will have extra-curricular club opportunities once the year begins.

How much money will it cost?
There is a band-participation fee of $40, in addition to the price of securing an instrument to play. Quinlan & Fabish Music offers an exceptional rent-to-own program, and their prices can be found at You will have an opportunity to rent an instrument from Quinlan & Fabish at our parent night on May 17th. If you already own an instrument, or find a quality-instrument somewhere else, you are welcome to use that too!

I found an instrument super-cheap at the grocery store, should I get it?
Musical instruments are finely-crafted mechanisms, requiring extensive knowledge, skill and quality control on behalf of the manufacturer. A quality instrument purchased from a reputable music store has the potential to last a lifetime. Remember, you pay for what you get! Common, high-quality brands of instrument can be found at the link below.

How much time will I need to practice?
Your lesson and band class take place during the school day, so you will already be playing quite a bit during the week. Typically, a beginning band student will need to practice 15-30 minutes a day in order to “keep up” with the pace of the class. You will find however, that as your skill grows, practicing will be a break from your other homework, and you will likely practice even more, just for fun!