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Grading Policy

Grading Policy:

Your grade as a member of the WMS Bands is made up of four areas. These are Public Performances, Lessons, Quizzes/Playing Tests/Objective Sheets, and the Daily Grade. They are broken down in the following manner.

¨     Public Performances - Assessment (60%) – Public Performances such as concerts, festivals and contests are the culmination of all work done in class and individually by band students at WMS. Arriving late to performances will reduce a student’s grade. Failure to attend and perform at a public performance will be severely detrimental to your grade and may result in removal from the program.

¨      Weekly Lessons – Application  (30%) – The Weekly Lesson is where an WMS Band student learns about their individual instrument and participates in detailed musical instruction with a small group of peers. Missed lesson times can be made-up by use of the practice rooms.  When a student misses a lesson, they must fill out a “missed lesson” sheet that is turned in to Mr. Hunter. 

¨      Quizzes/Playing Tests/Daily Grade – Practice  (10%) – From time to time there will be short playing quizzes to monitor each student’s musical development. There are also occasional short written quizzes.

¨         The Daily Grade – Every day a WMS Band student has the opportunity to earn four participation points. Students earn one point for each of the following:

o       The student has their instrument and it is in playable condition.

o       The student has their music and band folder.

o       The student has their pencil.

o       The student contributes their best to the rehearsal.

Mr. Hunter reserves the right to revise the grading policy if needed.