Securing an Instrument

All students joining band at Wauconda Middle School need the following supplies:

  • The instrument chosen on Sign-up night, in good working condition.
  • 1 box of #2 Vandoren Reeds (if starting clarinet)
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for their chosen instrument, published by Kjos.
  • A folding music stand for at home practice.

It is suggested that students also own a tuner & metronome. There are several FREE apps on the Apple or Android Stores or students can use a standalone device. Paid apps recommended (but not required) by teachers in D118 are:

  • Tonal Energy - tuner, metronome, recorder and tone generator
  • Tempo - metronome only
  • Pitch - tuner only
  • Tunable - tuner only
  • ReadRhythm - rhythm reading practice tool
  • Theory - self-guided music lessons
  • Tenuto - self-guided music quizzes/games/reinforcers

I will be participating in the Rent-to-Own Program:

    • Most of our students' families use Quinlan & Fabish Music Company and their Rent-to-Own program to supply an instrument. The repair and replacement program will grant you peace of mind and you can be sure your child will have a quality instrument that will last them through all of middle school, and perhaps high school as well.
    • Quinlan and Fabish can be reached at or 847-253-5592. They can set you up with everything you need for beginning band class.

I want to own my instrument now:

    • If you choose to buy an instrument outright, it is important that you purchase an instrument from a trusted source or retailer that specializes in musical instruments. A list of instrument brands that we have found our students to be successful with is available here. It is important to remember that if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.
    • If you have any questions about an instrument purchase, please contact your band director. A quality instrument may last a lifetime, while something that looks like a great deal may not last a month.
    • Reputable music stores often have quality used consignment stock. We have also had families find success with and

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